Automotive Welding Equipment

For all of your automotive welding supplies and advice, make Birmingham Welding Supplies Ltd your first choice. With a wealth of knowledge, many years’ experience and a flair for customer service, we stock and supply all necessary equipment. With an array of welding products available, you can rely on us to supply you with the right equipment to mend your vehicle. From like-minded bike and car enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right place for advice on new automotive processes. 

Vehicle Welding Equipment

We are able to supply welding equipment to both commercial garages and domestic customers throughout Birmingham and a vast area throughout the Midlands. If your garage is in need of the correct equipment to perform high-quality welding in order to repair a vehicle, we have what you are after. If you are of a hobbyist and a car enthusiast, we can offer the same array of equipment. For further advice, come visit our workshop or call us today.

Car Chassis Welding

Are you starting to notice a few problems with your car? Most vehicles have sections of steel that are constantly exposed to the elements. The longer the steel is exposed, the more oxidisation is created, leading to rust and the deterioration of the framework. Vehicles with excessive rust are unsafe and will also fail their MOTs. With our large selection of automotive welding equipment, you can reduce the risk of rust, prolonging the life of a car’s chassis.

The equipment we provide can weld areas on the vehicle, such as:

Types of Automotive Welding Equipment

The types of welding equipment we recommend for high-quality performance and repair results are:


This provides a neat and precise weld. Outstanding machinery at an affordable price.


The one we recommend most. This is arguably the best welder for vehicles.

MIG Brazing

The right process for Boron Steel.

To learn more about what machinery to use and what we have in stock, contact the team and we will answer all questions.

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