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Are you in need of a gas fluxer? Birmingham Welding Supplies Ltd are one of the leading suppliers and specialists in gas flux systems and flux. We have an extensive knowledge of what you need when it comes to welding, and the types of materials needed. Whether that is flux, consumables or welding equipment, you can trust us to give you the correct information.

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Gas Flux & Fluxer Systems

What is it? Gas flux is specially formulated to be absorbed in the flame when welding or brazing. This helps with enhancing the quality of the weld when used on particular elements such as brass, mild steel or silicon bronze. A bright green flame indicates the flux is optimised within the flame of your welding equipment. Gas flux and fluxer systems can be easily maintained, regulated and refilled by a singular welding operator.

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Flux Repair, Service & Sales

As one of the few welding suppliers in Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands areas, we have the means to offer many services. Whether your gas flux needs a repair or full service, we are here to help you. Additionally, if you are on the lookout for brand-new welding equipment, that includes flux, we have a range of stock available for you.

The Gasflux Process

The Gasflux process involves adding a vapourised flux to a wide variety of fuel gases. This resultant superior fluxing will allow alloys to flow evenly and follow the flame smoothly. 

By using the Gasflux Process, joints are produced that are of optimum strength and appearance while minimising clean-up after brazing, increasing productivity and reducing costs. 

A gasfluxer is used in the gasflux process to combine liquid gasflux with fuel gas. The reserve tank and mixing chamber make up the Gasfluxer.

It takes less than five minutes to connect it to any conventional brazing manual torch operation. Additionally, a single Gasfluxer can be mounted for apparatus with automatic brazing as well as many torch stations.

Fuel gas is introduced and allowed to bubble through the liquid Gasflux in the Gasfluxer mixing chamber. For proper flux volume, a straightforward needle bypass valve regulates flow. The flux can be seen when the flame is bright green.

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