Gas Welding Equipment

We have built on our reputation by being one of the leading suppliers and repairers of top quality gas cutting and gas welding equipment. This can range from gas cutting torches and nozzles, welding rods and accessories such as welding gas needed for the equipment. No matter what you need, we are the team to provide. Come to our business to explore the wide range of equipment available here at Birmingham Welding Supplies Ltd.

Welding Gas Supply Birmingham

In need of welding gas? Get in touch to find out what we have available. We have a vast range of equipment such as cutting and welding torches, regulators, economisers, flashback arresters, hose assemblies, cutting and welding kits. Furthermore, as an in-house repair service, we can help repair equipment including regulators, cutting torches (all lengths), Harris cutting torches, profile burning heads, economisers and straight line and pipe cutting machines.

If you need a quote for repairing your equipment, please contact the team today.

Bespoke Equipment

We stand out with our ability to adapt to your specific needs.  Additionally, our wide range of products and expertise allows us to modify equipment. No matter what you need, we can produce the bespoke result you require. We can create bespoke lengths of cutting torches, fully manufactured on request.

Inert Gas For Welding

Argon gas is an inert gas used for most TIG welding projects. You’ll produce cleaner, neater results when you use an argon gas. Argon is a shielding gas that will protect the materials you’re working on from tarnishing during the weld. You can also use argon mixed with helium gas for better thermal conductivity. However, helium isn’t compatible with as many materials as argon is, so feel free to ask for some advice if you’re not sure which to use.

Active Gas For Welding

Active gases are used on ferrous metals. Because active gases are far less stable than inert, they’re often supplied as what we call ‘semi-inert’. The most common semi-inert welding gas is carbon dioxide, or CO2. For MIG welding, a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide is used for the best result.

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