Our Guide To Popular Gas Welding Equipment

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If you’re looking for gas welding equipment, then you may want to know what the most popular options are, and how they work. As suppliers of the highest quality products on the market, we understand how important it is to be informed and knowledgeable about all areas of welding. With this in mind, we’ve created a guide to help shine a light on the most popular equipment out there.

Welding Machines

It may not seem obvious, but welding machines are different from welding torches, and each type of machine has it’s own advantages. The four main types are as follows:

  • Flux core arc
  • MIG (gas metal arc)
  • TIG (gas tungsten arc)
  • Stick

Which machine you choose to operate will depend on your requirements. For example, flux is more affordable and portable, MIG is strong and lightweight making it the most popular choice, TIG is slower but more precise and stick is a good allrounder, especially for thicker metals.

Welding Torches

here are a variety of brands and sub types of welding torches we could get in to. However, for the sake of simplicity and overview, we’ll assess the two popular types of welding torch when it comes to gas welding equipment. These are:

  • Positive pressure
  • Injector

Both types of welding torch are acceptable to use, the main difference being the task at hand and fuel type. Generally speaking, you would opt for a positive pressure welding torch if you’re using acetylene, or large nozzles and heating attachments.

Welding rod machine

Welding Masks & Goggles

As arguably the most defining characteristic of welding, the mask is an important piece of gas welding equipment. Not only is it essential for safety, but it comes in two main styles for different tasks. They are as follows:

  • Fixed-darkness viewing
  • Auto-darkening viewing

Although there are other lesser-known styles, these two are popular based on the type of welding at hand. If you work primarily with one type of machine, doing a specific task then a fixed mask will be appropriate. However, if you’re working on a variety of projects with different machines, you’ll want an auto-darkening lens to ensure it adjusts to different arc brightness.

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