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Get in touch with Birmingham Welding Supplies Ltd for all of your PPE and safety needs today. The stock we have available is vital to ensure you’re working in the safest and legally required conditions. We provide all necessary safety equipment from protective face wear, goggles, gauntlets, high visibility clothing and overalls. Our range also includes protective headgear and UVEX products which are reputable for their outstanding performance. What you see from Parweld, we have in stock: Parweld.com

It is absolutely vital you are under full protection when working with welding equipment. So please get in touch to find out more about the safety measurements required.

Importance Of Safety

Welding environments are susceptible to hazards. Ensuring that you are fully protected with the correct and suitable equipment is of the highest importance. An initial assessment for the PPE required should be determined by the welding equipment used. The following procedures will help guide you in to what is required to perform any welding applications:


General Protective Clothing

Made from flame retardant materials, welding garments are suitable for light applications.


Welding Curtains & Blankets

Designed to protect you from high-velocity flame and sparks, reducing chances of burns.


Hand Protection

Gloves or gauntlets protect against heat, contact heat, sparks, spatter and UV exposure.


Face Shields & Helmets

For protection from heat and spark spatter.


Respiratory Equipment

This is to ensure that the welder has safer and purer air flow. It helps protect against a variety of vapours, dust, gas and fumes.

Local Welding PPE

Birmingham Welding Supplies Ltd are proud suppliers of all the best and most advanced PPE around. We stock what you require, and we are here to advise you on the correct choice of equipment. If you are local to Birmingham and the surrounding midlands area, then we have the correct PPE for you.

Call now to fully optimise your safety performance.

Learn More About PPE

Contact the team to learn more about safety equipment.

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